With writers Elena Poniatowska & Yurri Herrera in Mexico City

February 2023

I met Fernanda Santos the way I have met most of my writer friends - because I loved reading her work. At the time, she was at The New York Times, and I…
one book manuscript down, one to go

December 2022

Elicit scenes as if you were writing for film

November 2022

Dear reader, Thank you for being a member of the Driver Substack community. As a paying subscriber, you’ve helped make this creative community what it…
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What does it take to produce articles, radio programs & books in multiple languages?

October 2022

When I arrived in Wyoming last month, I wondered if a landscape could make me happy. As soon as I asked the question, I knew it was true. This place…

September 2022

Ozark Mountains, Arkansan, goddamned From the land of seed ticks & salt licks Throw away your TV & speed read books Until summer ends

August 2022

Last week, I flew to Massachusetts to work with John Stanmeyer and his photo workshop participants. We slept in yurts, ate communally, and I shared…

June 2022

“Create an obsessive space.” - Yuri Herrera

May 2022

I write letters in the morning overlooking the shimmering salt marsh. During the day, I follow the sun, sitting in the garden until I feel hot and then…