The writer-editor + writer-photographer relationship

Photographer Cambria Harkey on a raft in the Suchiate River between Guatemala and Mexico

I love the projects that I birth into the world, the ones that are fully mine from idea to execution, including putting together the team of photographers. With editors and photographers, like in any relationship, we are lucky if, in our lifetime, we meet a few people who see us, who understand what moves us, and who are able to support our ideas as they come to life.

I am thankful for the handful of relationships that have sustained me creatively, for the photographers who have shared their lives, their vision, and their time with me. I am moved by the visual world, surely the influence of my grandparents, Corrie McCallum and William Halsey, both painters. They struggled their entire lives to figure out how to bring their artistic vision to life. I grew up surrounded by their paintings and by my mom’s weavings and my dad’s pottery.

Photographer Jacky Muniello at a migrant shelter for minors in Reynosa, Mexico.

I want to work with people for whom the act of creation is the center of their world. Everything outside of the process of creation is often a distraction - money, social media, clicks, networking.

Photographer John Stanmeyer at a migrant shelter in Reynosa, Mexico.

Until I can go out into the world and birth projects again, I am here giving thanks to the editors and photographers who have accompanied me throughout the creative process. I see you. I carry your images with me, a poetic influence that pulses through my veins.

Sending love,