as we quarantine, nature flourishes

“I felt like a caged animal. I sensed how much we depend on nature and how nature began to grow and flourish in our absence. - photographer Tamara Merino

I spent the past week interviewing 18 photographers from 14 countries for a forthcoming project about the pandemic. I talked to Chilean photographer Tamara Merino about her quarantine diary, a series of intimate photos about her relationship with her son and her mother. Brazilian photographer Victor Moriyama who photographed fires in the Amazon during the pandemic described, “I have the impression so clearly - the first impression in my life - that this fire will be consume our life, our land, everything.” The pandemic has been at turns painful, apocalyptic, terrifying, but also has shown us the power of resilience, of community, of nature and its spaces. My conversations with photographers have made me hopeful that we will emerge from this pandemic thinking of creative ways to live with each other and with nature.

Take care of the wild spaces within and without,



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