Girls should not eat dog food said the Dentist as he was selecting the instruments to clean my teeth. The thing about dog food, I told him, is that it is salty and crunchy, everyone’s favorite combination, and then on top of that sneaking on your knees to the dog bowl and leaning down to eat knowing you are doing something people don’t want you to do adds an extra thrill. And it’s free. When I’ve been out swimming and in the woods all day, it is a pretty good snack and I can drop by anyone’s house and find it. Dogs don’t even need to brush their teeth so seems it could be a superior food in that respect. The only better snack, which I can also find in anyone’s fridge, in terms of taste/energy is a stick of butter. Hardly anyone notices if you cut off half of the stick of butter, and then you’ve got this salty, creamy delight.

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